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EXPERIMENTS WITH BOOSTING RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY This summer, we have tested three different ways of boosting research productivity. In June, right before the AIB conference, we ran a 4+3 Day Research Xackathon: It was a full-flagged Silicon-Valley-style hackathon, where we basically locked ourselves in a lab on a university campus (UWLX) for several days and did non-stop…

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The Payment Challenge

Have you tried paying to or receiving money from 40+ countries?  X-Culture receives payments from about 40 countries: universities paying for participating in the project; students registering for the X-Culture Symposium. Sometimes students don’t get a visa to attend the symposium, so we must issue a refund. Here is what I have learned so far:

The Fear of Errors

When you have 5,000 people in the project, making an error becomes one of your biggest fears. It’s not that I feel embarrassed or ashamed to make an error. Not at all. The problem is, if you make an error, you get more than a thousand emails telling you about it. Just deleting those messages…

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