Crowdsourcing, Open Data Sharing, and Large-Scale Collaboration

Data sharing and open collaboration are the latest revolutionary developments in sciences.
Natural sciences and technology sectors (particularly genetics, astronomy biology, and engineering) are the crowdsourcing leaders with very remarkable achievements.
Open data sharing is not only becoming more common, it is mandated in some fields. For example, following the Bermuda Agreement human genome data sharing mandate led to explosion of discoveries in the field. The GalaxyZoo data sharing and crowdsourcing project led to countless discoveries in astronomy.

Unfortunately, data sharing, open collaboration, and research crowdsourcing are still a rarity in International Business research.

The X-Culture team believes in open research collaboration.
We believe data should be freely shared to facilitate knowledge creation.
We are currently working on developing a platform for data sharing and research crowdsourcing, a platform that would not be limited to one project or one field of discovery.

While that is in development, for now we offer our own huge database to the world.

There are many discoveries hidden in our data – and we invite everyone to join us on the knowledge treasure hunt.
There are many experienced and talented researchers on the X-Culture team, some are well-known internationally, others are rising stars. However, we believe there is never too much brainpower: more researchers means more, better ideas and studies.

We recognize that many researchers outside the X-Culture team who can provide input on the research side of our project, but not everyone can participate as an instructor: some may not be teaching suitable courses, others cannot participate due to academic schedule differences.
Therefore, we invite everyone to take a look at our data and see if any interesting stories are hidden there, or perhaps request collection of new data based on our project.

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