Coaching Program

The X-Culture Certified Global Virtual Team Coaching Program


Coaching Program 2024-2:
August 24 – December 11, 2024

Final application deadline: August 15, 2024

August 15, 2024


Final application deadline

August 18, 2024


Notification of Acceptance Status

August 24, 2024 -@ 11:00 AM EST/NYC


Orientation meeting

August 31, 2024


Program Acceptance Fee Payment Deadline

The best X-Culture students become coaches and mentors to the new generation of X-Culture students.

These Coaches acquire skills and unique experiences that employers value in today’s business world.

Coaching Testimonials

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The purpose of the X-Culture Global Virtual Team Coaching Program is to help the Coaches:

  • Strengthen their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the principles and best practices of guiding global virtual teams

  • Gain practical experience in coaching, mentoring, and managing global virtual consulting teams

Certified Coaching Program Participants

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Meet our past coaches:

Coaches who successfully complete the program can put on their resume the following achievements, skills, and experiences:

  • Completed a series of training modules on understanding and managing people in global virtual teams and international business principles and theories
  • Served as a coach, mentor, and counsel to global virtual teams completing a complex international business consulting project
  • Developed training materials and live training webinars for a global audience
  • Investigated and facilitated the resolution of cross-cultural conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Evaluated individual and team performance
  • Provided regular constructive and developmental feedback to individuals and teams and helped them improve their work
  • Helped members of the globally-dispersed teams coordinate their efforts
  • Reviewed and analyzed a large number of business proposals and prepared executive analytic summaries for the top managers
  • Actively participated in weekly experience exchange conferences with other coaches, shared personal observations, heard about the challenges experienced by other coaches, brainstormed the best solutions, and provided and received feedback and suggestions
  • Invited to review business proposals and select winners of a large-scale consulting competition
  • Addressed concerns and responded to questions from members of global virtual teams
  • Conducted independent research on international business and global virtual teams and wrote an analytic paper and guide for managers, team members, and educators (optional Pet/Special project)
  • Provided suggestions for training program design and management of large-scale consulting projects
  • Completed all of this in a highly complex culturally diverse and technology-intensive environment, working alongside people from 20+ different countries

Certificates and Recommendation Letters: Upon successful completion, graduates receive official X-Culture Certified Global Virtual Team Coaching Program certificates and recommendation letters.

Phase 1: Theoretical Training Activities and Topics (4 weeks)

Week 1: X-Culture

Module 1 Exam Topics:

  • Chapter 1. The X-Culture Project: Purpose, History, Method, Vision
  • Chapter 2. The X-Culture Coaching Program: Purpose, History, Method, Vision

Week 2: Anatomy of GVTs

Module 2 Exam Topics:

  • Chapter 3. Known GVT Problems and Best Practices
  • Chapter 4. Managing GVTs
  • Chapter 5. Free-Riding in GVTs
  • Chapter 6. Principles of crowdsourcing and global virtual collaboration

Week 3: Managing and Coaching GVTs

Module 3 Exam Topics:

  • Chapter 7. The Art of Effective Feedback
  • Chapter 8. Team Counseling
  • Chapter 9. Managing Conflict in Project Teams
  • Chapter 10: Organizing and leading webinars and discussion groups

Week 4: Technologies and Knowledge for GVT-Based IB Consulting

Module 4 Exam Topics:

  • Chapter 11. Online Collaboration Tools
  • Chapter 12. Academic Referencing Styles
  • Chapter 13. Plagiarism
  • Chapter 14: The Basics of International Business

Applicants who successfully pass the Theoretical Phase will earn the opportunity to participate in Phase 2, the Practical Phase.

Phase 2: Practical Training Activities (remaining weeks)

  • Coaching global virtual teams what are participating in the X-Culture project
  • Completing a Portfolio that summarizes their experiences
  • Resume and Interviewing workshop and feedback opportunity
  • Organizing and leading a live instructional webinar
  • Facilitating and participating in quality improvement discussion groups
  • Participating in weekly experience-exchange online conferences with other Coaching Program trainees
  • Select coaches prepare analytic executive summaries for corporate clients
  • Select coaches serve as a judge of work of others, including being a member of the Award Committee that selects the X-Culture Competition winners
  • Select coaches develop training materials
  • Other professional development and online community activities through the program

“If you are thinking about applying for this program I highly recommend it. It will be challenging, but you will grow professionally and as a person. It is really useful for gaining real world experience.” – Andrea, Italy


The number of Coaches in the X-Culture Coaching Program is typically limited typically to 50 per semester.

  • Preference is given to the X-Culture Alumni who had the high scores on peer evaluations (4.0 and higher), whose teams wrote strong reports (4.5 and higher), as well as those who provided the most insightful and thoughtful comments in weekly surveys, and shared most original ideas and suggestions in the post-project survey.
  • We are particularly looking for the most motivated people, those who are eager to learn while helping the new generation of X-Culture students to succeed.
  • Coaches who successfully complete Phase 1 (pass the theoretical exam) are allowed to advance to Phase 2.
  • Coaches that earn 80% on the four assessments and meet the required tasks will receive a certificate and a personalized letter of completion.
  • Participants that complete the 4 modules successfully, plus the coaching assessment, will be able to coach global virtual university participants that request support.
  • The acceptance fee is non-refundable, yet those that do not complete may still utilize the training materials for their professional development.

“The coaching program offers a unique opportunity to work with students and professionals in a global virtual team. I personally admired the supportive and engaging learning environment which encouraged growth, creativity, and innovation. Participating in this program is a challenging- but incredibly rewarding experience to anyone interested in learning and helping other students succeed.” -Ernest, Ghana

Estimated Time Requirements

The program is very demanding and time-consuming.

Phase 1: Theory

  • Review training materials: approximately 1-2 hours per module, 5-10 hours per week
  • Weekly Theory exams: approximately 30-60 min per test

               Total per week: 5-10 hours

Phase 2: Practice

  • Addressing team questions, concerns, providing help: approximately 2-3 hours per week
  • Weekly assignments and providing feedback and suggestions: approximately 3-7 hours per week
  • Team webinars and training material creation
  • Additional research and optional program modules: as desired
  • Portfolio creation: approximately 5-10 hours total

               Total per week: 5-20 hours

Total time investment over the 16 weeks: 60-120 hours.

X-Culture Coaching Program Tuition

Program Fee

  • The full program fee is $775.
  • Recipients of Coaching Program Tuition Reduction Award pay $275 USD total.
  • Recipients of the Administrative Assistantship Program Tuition Reduction Award pay $75 USD total, with a commitment to serve the program an additional 5-hours per week.

X-Culture Coaching Program Tuition Reduction Award

Applicants meeting one or more of the following criterion will qualify for a $500 tuition reduction (paying $275 total for the entire program):

  • Applicants whose peer evaluations in X-Culture were 4.0 or higher
  • Applicants who were members of the winning teams
  • Applicants who have attended one or more past live X-Culture events such as Symposiums or X-Culture Global Business Week
  • Citizens and permanent residents of countries with GPD/capita less $15,000 as per the World Bank 2019 statistics

Administrative Assistantship Tuition Reduction Award

Applicants meeting the following criteria will be eligible for a $700 reduction in program tuition (paying $75 total for the entire program):

  • Providing a sincere commitment to 5-additional hours of work per week (administrative help with the X-Culture Project).
  • Duties will include a weekly assignment as distributed by the Administrative Assistantship Program Director.  Typically these duties relate to review of past client reports, providing structured reports, coding data as directed, providing analytical reports, and other X-Culture documentation tasks.
  • Must be a good manager of their own time and a strong communicator.
  • Must be able to check and respond to email from the Administrative Assistantship Program Director throughout the week.
  • These duties are in addition to the weekly coaching program assignments.

“It’s one of my best decisions that I applied to the Coaching Program and the Administrative Assistantship Program. It improves many kinds of professional skills that can be used in the future, develops English language skills, and you can make friends too.”
-Szonja, Hungary

To apply for either of these tuition reduction awards, please complete the details in the application form.

Returning Coaches, Tuition 100% Waived

  • For coaches that are returning after completing one semester as a coach, the fee is always waived upon application approval.

“Having been a coach 3 times now, X-Culture has proven to be very beneficial to me in a variety of ways. My time as a coach has given me a lot of knowledge and abilities. My leadership abilities, teamwork abilities, and theoretical understanding of international business and global virtual teams have all improved. It has given me the opportunity to expand my professional network, and working with coaches from all around the world has been such a privilege. Coaches and students can benefit from X-Culture, especially if you’re considering a career in international business. You will undoubtedly stand out as a unique individual to employers thanks to the skills, experience, and knowledge you have earned.”     – Motheo, Botswana

Application Details

You will be asked to:
  • Upload your Resume
  • Provide essay answers (this will have a large impact on your application)
  • Recall your past experience with X-Culture
  • Please be prepared to spend 30-60 minutes completing the application

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