How It Works

main idea

Main idea

  • Trainees work in international teams with peers from around the world.
  • They solve real-life problems presented by real-life companies.
  • They learn about other countries and cultures and learn how to collaborate online and work in international teams.


  1. Trainees can enroll individually or as a group of up to 30 students, supervised by a teacher or a parent.
  2. We provide age-appropriate training (online collaboration tools, teamwork, problem solving, business writing, and more).
  3. We put students in international teams.
  4. Real companies present real business challenges and the students solve them.
  5. We monitor student performance and send weekly performance review to students/teachers/parents.
  6. The teams present them to their client companies.
  7. The students receive X-Culture Global Collaboration Certificates.
  8. The teachers/parent instructors receive X-Culture Global Educator Certificates.
  9. The best students are invited to the X-Culture Symposium.
Step by step
  1. International experience

    Complete a project in an international team where each team member is from a different country.

  2. Business consulting experience

    Solve a real business challenge for a real client company.

  3. Expand professional network

    Meet company CEOs, university professors, and professional peers from other countries.

  4. New knowledge and skills

    Training in cross-cultural communication, online collaboration tools, international business, business writing and presentation, and more.

  5. Cultural intelligence

    A significant improvement in cultural intelligence from before to after the project.

  6. X-Culture Certificate and Recommendation Letter

    You learn and grow. We provide a documented proof.

  7. Stronger resume for new opportunities

    X-Culture experience makes you a much stronger applicant for a stipend or job.


For Trainees

Benefits for Teachers

Team power
  1. Enhanced student learning

    Compared to control groups (no X-Culture), students in courses with X-Culture do better on exams.

  2. Improved teaching evaluations

    Compared to control groups, students who have X-Culture give their teachers higher evaluations.

  3. Research and publications

    X-Culture is a great research platform that provides high-quality multi-source multi-level longitudinal data. If you are interested in scholarly work, X-Culture will provide you the necessary data.

  4. Professional network

    Meet the hundreds of educators and business professionals on the X-Culture team.

  5. Documented proof of your achievement:

    X-Culture Global Educator Certificate and support letters sent to your principal or department head. You do a great job; we make sure the world knows about it.

  6. X-Culture certificates for your students

    Trainees get X-Culture International Business certificates, which help with college and job applications.

  7. Helps us make education more interactive and experiential

    The workplace is becoming global. Learning how to work across cultures in classroom is like learning to swim on a football field. X-Culture is developing new teaching methods for the new today – and you can be part of our team.

What Is X-Culture?

Students work in international teams with peers from other countries.

We place our students in international virtual teams. 6 people per team, each in a different country. Matched by age.

The students solve real-life problems presented by real-life companies.

In the process, the students learn how to work across cultural differences and time zones and learn the basics of international business.

Every semester, about 6,000 people from over 60 countries take part in X-Culture. Over 80,000 students have participated in X-Culture.

The pre-college youths usually participate as school teams, supervised by a teacher or a qualified volunteer parent. The schools whose teams show the best results receive X-Culture Trophies.

Academically gifted teens can also be enrolled by their parents individually.

Since 2016, non-student professionals ages 18-45 can also participate in X-Culture.


Program Design

Theoretical Training
(4 weeks)

  • Cross-cultural communication.
  • Problem solving in teams.
  • Team leadership.
  • Online collaboration tools.
  • The art of writing winning business proposals.
  • Plagiarism and academic referencing.
  • The basics of international business.

Practical Training
(8 weeks)

  • The students are placed in international teams, each team member in a different country.
  • Real companies present real international business challenges.
  • Real time zones, real cultural differences.
  • All communication online and in English.
  • Live webinars with the client CEOs.

Post-Project Reflections
(4 weeks)

  • Students present their work at an online teleconference.
  • Students receive X-Culture International Business Certificates and Recommendation letters.
  • Best students are invited to the X-Culture Symposium.

Quick Facts

  1. X-Culture launched: 2010
  2. Number of students per session: 6,000
  3. Number of universities per session: 190
  4. Number of countries by student residence: 40
  5. Number of countries by student nationality: 75
  6. Total number of X-Culture graduates since 2010: 85,800
  7. Total number of universities since 2010: 371
  8. Total number of university professors since 2010: 908
  9. Notable clients: Mercedes-Benz, Louis Vuitton, Home Depot, Hard Rock International, JCB
  10. Number of clients per session: 10-15
  11. Open for non-student adults: 2015
  12. Open for pre-college youths: 2018


It was an eye-opener! I learned a lot about other cultures and business and enjoyed the experience!
Ninette, Spain
It a was a challenge to work with students from different countries. But it was a great opportunity to learn how to deal with different cultures.
Visar, India
I really feel I learned a lot about working with people from other countries. I am now closer to my dream of getting a job in a global company.
Shu, China
I was in a job interview and it was going nowhere. Then I mentioned my X-Culture experience and the interviewer’s eye lit up.
I got the job.

Matthew, USA
I was applying to universities in the U.S. and my X-Culture experience helped set me apart from other applicants. Nobody had such experience. I really think it helped me get the stipend.
Guilia, Italy
It has been two years since I participated in X-Culture. It was hard to work with people from different countries. Looking back though, it was the best traing for my career.
David, Canada

Participation Fee


Stipends available *

4-10 people

Stipends available *


  • X-Culture is an educational program, not a business. While we depend on the participation fees to cover our operation costs, we are committed to providing an opportunity to every deserving student, even if they cannot pay the participation fee.
  • Students who receive the X-Culture stipends must maintain high performance throughout the project, or the stipend may be revoked.

Upcoming Dates

2022-2: August 20 - December 17, 2022
Application deadline: August 19

2023-1: January 15 - May 14, 2023
Application deadline: January 5

Hurry up!