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What Is X-Culture?

  • We place trainees in international virtual teams with peers from around the world: 7 people per team, each in a different country.
  • They solve real-life problems presented by real-life companies.
  • In the process, they learn about other countries and cultures, learn how to collaborate online, work as a team, and solve business challenges.
  • Every semester, about 5,000 people from over 40 countries take part in X-Culture. As of 2017, over 40,000 students have participated in X-Culture, and about 5,000 more are added every semester.
  • Most participants are MBA students from over 150 universities. However, the project is also open to non-student professionals who seek to learn new skills, expand their professional network, and improve their resume.

7 Benefits

  1. International experience
    Complete a project in a team where each team member is from a different country.
  2. Business consulting experience
    Solve a real business challenge for a real client company.
  3. Expand professional network
    Meet company CEOs, university professors, and professional peers from around the world
  4. New knowledge and skills
    Training in cross-cultural communication, online collaboration tools, international business, business writing and presentation, and more.
  5. Cultural intelligence
    A documented significant improvement in cultural intelligence from before to after the project.
  6. X-Culture Certificate and Recommendation Letter
    You learn and grow. We provide a documented proof.
  7. Stronger resume and improved chances of a new starts
    X-Culture experience makes you a much stronger applicant for a stipend or job.

Bonus: Best students are invited to the X-Culture Global Symposium where they meet their team members in person; plus a series of career development workshops and meetings with successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and community leaders.

Bonus: Occasionally, trainees do such a good job that their impressed clients offer jobs or internship positions.


Program Design

Theoretical Training (4 weeks)

  • Cross-cultural communication.
  • Problem solving in teams.
  • Team leadership.
  • Online collaboration tools.
  • The art of writing winning business proposals.
  • Plagiarism and academic referencing.
  • The basics of International Business.


Practical Training (8 weeks)

  • The trainees are placed in international teams.
  • 6 people per team, each in a different country.
  • Real companies present real international business challenges.
  • Real time zones, real cultural differences.
  • All communication online and in English.
  • Live webinars with the client CEOs.


Post-Project Reflections (4 weeks)

  • Trainees present their work at an online teleconference.
  • Trainees receive X-Culture International Business Certificates and Recommendation letters.
  • Best students are invited to the X-Culture Symposium.

Quick Facts

  • X-Culture launched: 2010
  • Number of students per session: 5,000
  • Number of universities per session: 130
  • Number of countries by student residence: 40
  • Number of countries by student nationality: 75
  • Total number of X-Culture graduates since 2010: 41,200
  • Total number of universities since 2010: 271
  • Total number of university professors since 2010: 508
  • Notable clients: Mercedes-Benz, Louis Vuitton, Home Depot, Hard Rock International, JCB
  • Number of clients per session: 5-10
  • Open for non-student adults: 2015
  • Open for pre-college youths: 2018



  • 2019-3: August 26 – December 20, 2019
    Application deadline: August 15
  • 2020-1: January 20 – June 1, 2020
    Application deadline: January 10
  • 2020-2: August 24 – December 18, 2020
    Application deadline: August 15


  • It was an eye-opener! I learned a lot about other cultures and business and enjoyed the experience! 
    Ninette, Spain
  • It a was a challenge to work with students from different countries. But it was a great opportunity to learn how to deal with different cultures. 
    Visar, India
  • I really feel I learned a lot about working with people from other countries. I am now closer to my dream of getting a job in a global company. 
    Shu, China
  • I was in a job interview and it was going nowhere. Then I mentioned my X-Culture experience and the interviewer’s eye lit up.
    I got the job. 
    Matthew, USA
  • I was applying to universities in the U.S. and my X-Culture experience helped set me apart from other applicants. Nobody had such experience. I really think it helped me get the stipend. 
    Guilia, Italy
  • It has been two years since I participated in X-Culture. It was hard to work with people from different countries. Looking back though, it was the best training for my career. 
    Sofia, Canada

Participation Fee

$195 per individual participant for the complete 4-months course

X-Culture Academy Stipends

  • We believe that everyone should be able to receive X-Culture training, regardless of financial standing. Therefore, low-income applicants can apply for the X-Culture Academy Stipend.
  • The participation stipend is $150.
  • Stipend will be applied directly to the participation fee. Thus, the stipend recipients will pay only $45 for the entire program.
  • The number of the X-Culture Academy Stipends is limited.
    The stipends are generally reserved for participants from low-income families (combined family income < $10,000 per year) or other special-needs applicants and are contingent upon the applicant’s excellent performance on the Theory test.

Professionals Apply Here