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5 Reasons to Partner with X-Culture

  1. Receive creative ideas
    Got a business challenge?
    Thousands of MBA and business students from around the world will offer you their solutions.
    Tomorrow, they’ll graduate and command hefty salaries. Today, they’ll work for you as part of their coursework.
  2. Enter new markets
    Ready to expand into new markets?
    X-Culture participants come from 40+ countries.
    They will find the most promising markets for your product, develop your market entry strategy,
    and help you find local partners and retailers.
  3. Promote your products
    Promote your products among hundreds of International Business professors and thousands of business students who could be your clients or partners tomorrow.
  4. Recruit talent
    Thousands of students from some of the world’s best universities take part in X-Culture every semester.
    We continuously track their performance: from teamwork and leadership skills, to creativity and diligence.
    You need the best?
    We identify the best, based on objective performance data no job interview or resume can ever provide.
  5.  Train employees
    Do your employees have to interact internationally?
    We can help with training in international teamwork, virtual collaboration tools, and dealing with cultural and time-zone differences.

How X-Culture Works

A small step for you. A giant leap for your business.
Level 1


  • You contact us to tell us about your business. We tell you about X-Culture.
  • If we can help, you become an X-Culture partner.
  • When the project starts, we organize one-hour live webinars where you introduce your company and explain what you want our students to work on.
  • Thousands of our students around the world help your business grow:
    they share their creative ideas for your marketing and product design,
    do market research, interview potential customers,
    reach out to local distributors and try to get you contracts in their markets,
    and much more.
Level 2

Expert Reinforcement (Optional)

  • The teams that authored the best ideas collaborate with business professors and experienced consultants.
  • They further develop the ideas and prepare a professional report, strategy, product design, or other requested deliverables.
Level 3

Implementation (Optional)

  • We further strengthen the team with subject experts.
  • They implement the solution and help you take your company to the next level.

Sample Challenges

Over the years, we served more than a hundred companies around the world.

Here are a few examples:

  • Mercedes-Benz: How do we design a truck for developing countries?
  • Home Depot: How do we improve our .com services?
  • Louis Vuitton: Where should we open our next store and what store design would be most appealing to the customers there?
  • Caffè Vergnano: How to build a global coffee house network?
  • Polaris Industries: How to grow the sales of snowmobiles in Asia?
  • Hard Rock International: How do we make our restaurants, hotels and casinos more appealing to young people?


We particularly like working with medium and small businesses, companies that already operate in one country and are ready to expand into new markets but need help with market research, market expansion strategy, and business leads.

Suggested Pricing

Hiring a class of business students to work on your project is not cheap.
Most business schools charge $5,000 to $30,000 for a class of MBA students of up to 100 people.
It makes sense: once these people get their BS and MBA degrees, they will cost a lot more to hire.

X-Culture offers a number of advantages over a regular class of students:

  • Thousands (not dozens or hundreds) bright young professionals
  • A highly diverse crowd to ensure a greater variety of ideas
  • A geographically dispersed crowd to ensure access to local knowledge anywhere on the planet


Suggested pricing for one semester of Level 1 partnership:

  • Large company: $25,000
  • Medium company: $15,000
  • Small company: $6,000
  • Startup: $3,000

The partnership fee can be reduced for companies from developing countries or companies with a, particularly interesting challenge.

Level 2 and Level 3 partnership fees are set individually depending on the complexity of the case.



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