For Researchers

X-Culture was originally envisioned as a purely educational project. Preparing students for global careers and effective performance in the multi-culture workplace remains our main purpose.

However, X-Culture has also emerged as a unique and versatile research platform.

We primarily focus on exploring the nature and challenges of cross-cultural collaboration, as well as studying the processes and performance in global virtual teams.

What helps and what hurts international workgroup dynamics? Why? What can be done to improve performance in the global workplace?

Furthermore, we research the effects and effectiveness of experiential learning in general, and in  International Business education in particular.

We are also experimenting with different crowdsourcing models hoping to develop one that will do to the business consulting industry what Wikipedia did to the encyclopedia industry.

The research results are shared with our students to further inform them about the nature, challenges and best practices of global virtual collaboration.

Our research questions are not limited to the field of International Business. The data we are collecting is suitable for addressing research questions in the fields of Management, Psychology, Marketing, Economics, Sociology, and other disciplines.

The X-Culture research initiatives have been approved by the Institutional Review Board (approvals independently received at multiple universities).