Business business is
Research research is
Learning learning is

Training & Competition

You can't learn international
business from textbooks.
You have to experience it

  • Every semester, thousands of students and professionals from over 40 countries take part in the X-Culture competition
  • For several months, they work together on business projects presented by our corporate partners
  • They compete, collaborate, learn the challenges and best practices of international business consulting

Business Solutions

2 heads are better than 1
2,000 heads are better than 2

  • Companies present their business challenges
  • Thousands of amateurs and professionals develop their solutions
  • It’s like sending armies of ants in every possible direction: if there is something good for your business out there, they will find it and bring it to you
  • The best ideas come from where you expect them least

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Unique data +
Leading researchers =
Great discoveries

  • Observing thousands of people in hundreds of global virtual teams every semester presents a unique research platform
  • Longitudinal, multi-source, multi-level data
  • We will consider collecting new data or incorporating new experimental conditions for most interesting research proposals

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