What is X-Culture?

X-Culture = Students + Professors + Business + Research
  • Businesses ask for help.
  • Students help businesses while gaining international business experience.
  • Professors help their students learn from experience.
  • Researchers use the data for research.
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X-Culture for Teachers

X-Culture helps your students learn International Business by doing International Business.
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X-Culture for Students

X-Culture: Learn business through experience for a successful career. Work on real international business challenges presented by real companies – in a team where each team member is in a different country
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X-Culture Academy

X-Culture not only for university students.

Separate tracks for:

Non-student adultsPre-college teens

X-Culture for Business

Hire thousands of bright young minds around the world. Get creative ideas, business least, and global market research to grow your business.
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X-Culture for Researchers

Live in a publish-or-perish world? X-Culture has great data for your research:
  • Tens of thousands of international teams from 100+ countries
  • 2,000+ variables: everything on team dynamics, performance, and more
  • Multi-level, multi-source longitudinal data
  • True experimental treatment
  • A possibility to collect new data if our massive database is not enough
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