Hi Professor, 

I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  I am currently interning for VF Europe in Bornem, Belgium (loving every minute of it).  It's such a fun experience to be fully immersed in an international business environment. 

In short, I wanted to thank you for a fun and intriguing spring semester.  After working in Belgium for a month, I am beginning to see the strong correlation of the X-Culture project, and working internationally.  I feel that your project has provided a unique framework for entering a multinational corporate environment.  I am working in the logistics/distribution department tasked with lowering freight cost for VF brands located throughout Eastern Europe.  Often times, when staging a report for management, data needed must be compiled from multiple departments spanning throughout different countries in Europe.  Here, effective communication along with decisive action are truly the keys to success (much like our project)! 

Again just wanted to give a quick "thank you" for the valuable experience and wish you the best of luck in your teaching endeavors & future.

Kind regards,
Matthew, USA

Great educational experience. You think you know how to work with people from other countries because there are so many of them around you here in the US – you don’t know anything until you go through X-Culture

Scott, USA


It was an eye opener and I enjoyed the experience!

Ninette, Spain


Indeed, it was an international experience that I did not have before, due to the fact that I worked on international level only in non-formal education. Therefore, I tried to learn as much as possible out of this and to take the task to a successful result.

Daniela, Romania


It is surely a great experience for me to work with people from different countries, as I’m currently studying International Entrepreneurship course.

Thank you very much for generating this collaboration project. I am sure it will be helpful to many of the students’ future.

Stephanie, Indonesia


It would be useful to do such experiments again.

Andrea, Romania


Indeed it a was a challenge to work with students from different countries and yes it was  a great opportunity to face and deal with different cultures and different style of working on projects.

Visar, India


The X-Culture Project was a good and useful experience for me

Kristian, Germany


Indeed it was a great experience. I thank all of you who participated in this initiative. I think it will be a great background for days to come in my professional future

David, Ecuador


Thank you and the professors team for this important initiative. It was a great experience where I shared knowledge with people of different counties and cultures.

Milton, Colombia


Thanks to your team for giving us this opportunity to learn across the world with other students. I am most grateful and know the knowledge I acquired through this exercise will help in my future endeavors

Gloria, Indonesia


This was a great opportunity for me from both academic and human perspectives. I hope you are going to continue with this kind of projects.

Alberto, Mexico


I am grateful for the opportunity to establish contact with students over the world, it was an amazing experience and I really learn a lot about how make projects, business and share ideas with people from other cultures.

Johana, Colombia


I really feel I learned a lot. I now have a clearer idea about virtual collaboration with people from other countries. I am now closer to my dream of getting a job in a global company thank to this experience

Shu, China


I had a phone job interview with a company and the X-Culture became the central theme of our conversation… I am flying to their corporate office for the final interview and will be doing a presentation of the X-Culture project since it is easy to compare this project to the working world

Jeremy, USA

Working on this project was a great experience for me and i really enjoyed it.

Liviu, Romania


Thanks SO much for offering us this opportunity of participating in such a useful project. I have really learnt a LOT OF things that I believe I will benefit from it n my future career.

Mahmoud, UAE


I owe you a great debt of gratitude. X-Culture was a really salutary and good experiment for me, and I think for every students. That’s why I consider oneself really lucky.

Onur, Turkey


X-citing + X-cruciating + X-hilaration + X-haustion = X-Culture

Tim, USA


The X-Culture project is great.  I believe that it really provides us with real life difficulties that we will face upon graduating.  Hopefully more classes can find a way of incorporating an international project in to there curriculum.

Dominic, USA

It was really interesting to participate as a “returnee” in the X-Culture project. My team was surprised to find out that I had completed my studies [and participated in X-Culture for the second time]. I can say I have gotten better understanding of the communication among different cultures, approach to common work, and found very friendly colleagues.

Jurate, Lithuania

The project opens my mind to hear fresh ideas from young people from many countries

Corporate partner, Indonesia

I truly enjoyed reading the reports that you sent to me. I found interesting and valuable ideas.

Corporate partner, Lithuania