Summer Time and Time Zones


Don’t forget to update your time-zone clocks in early April “AFTER” all countries move to summer time.
Dealing with time zones is a constant struggle for X-Culture.
No wonder, students in over 40 countries take part in X-Culture every semester.
But LATE MARCH is especially bad. This is when countries start moving to summer time.
But not at the same time.
Every Saturday, 9 am EST we have a webinar for the parents of the 100 kids in the test run of X-Culture Kids. 10 countries, 5 continents.
The webinars were scheduled in February as a series for the entire semester.
But last week EST (New York) moved to summer time. Lots of confusion this week with the timing of the webinar and team Skype meetings 🙁
Doodle and Zoom account for the time zone differences at the time when you add the event too your calendar.

Not all countries have summer/winter time, and those that do switch at different times.
But they cannot change the timing for the remaining events in the series. If you put the series on your calendar in February for February – May, the Calendar used the time zones as of February, before the switch to summer time.

So be careful for the next few weeks – several countries will be switching to summer time.

I better update the time on the clocks in my office.

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By Vas Taras

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