International Business Strategy

Consulting types:

  • Global market research
  • Complete export strategy
  • Complete market entry strategy and local support
  • Search for local distributors/retailers/partners


Recent projects

Example 1: A full market entry strategy, the market identified by the client

  • Competition analysis:
    • Full list of competitors, including their products, prices, market share, marketing strategies
    • Analysis of the client’s strength and weaknesses compared to the competition
  • Market analysis: Culture and customer tastes, economic conditions, ease of doing business
  • Survey of potential local customers (N=252)
  • Survey of potential local distributors/retailers (N=8)
  • Marketing strategy, including:
    • Positioning and messaging
    • The message
    • Best advertisement/promotion channels, including pricing
    • Mock-ups of ads for social media and direct mailing
    • Marketing budget
    • A list of recommended local marketing agencies
  • Pricing strategy
    • Including a comparative analysis of ways to collect payment in the market, and fees associated with each payment option
  • Logistics
    • Shipping options, including time, price, reliability
    • Analysis of trade regulations
    • Customs duties and documentation
    • Other required paperwork, certification


Price: $19,000

Completion time: 2 months

Example 2: Same as #1, the market was not identified by the client

  • A comprehensive global search for the most promising new markets, including assessment of demand and competition in over 120 markets using our global network
  • Full market entry strategy for two most promising markets, as in #1
  • Included HR strategy: recruitment, selection, compensation strategy, and management strategy for local personnel


Price: $26,000

Completion time: 4 months