Expatriate Management

Consulting types:

  • Pre-departure / post-arrival training
  • Recruitment and selection for expatriate assignments
  • International labor law
  • Compensation in the international context
  • Performance appraisal
  • Monthly adjustment evaluation, coaching
  • Post-assignment briefing

Recent projects:

Example 1. Pre-departure training for an employee + family going on a 1-year overseas assignment

  • Culture of the host country: similarities and differences with the home country
  • Political, economic, and legal systems of the host country
  • Legal issues: registration upon arrival, local ID, visa regulations
  • Housing options
  • Schooling for kids
  • Transportation options
  • Local banking
  • Local holidays, traditions, gift-giving, making friends among locals
  • Local expatriate networks, mailing lists, making friends with other expatriates
  • Personal safety and security tips
  • Q&A

One personal training/orientation session, 3 hours

Price: $2,500


Example 2. Staffing strategy for a position overseas

  • Job design and the accompanying position description
  • Performance monitoring and assessment
    • Performance metrics
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Employee feedback and coaching
  • Selection strategy: required credentials, selection tests, interview questions
  • Recruitment notice (compliant with local labor laws)
  • Placed recruitment ads
  • Reviewed the applications, assessed and recommended best candidates
  • Prepared contract template as per legal requirements in both countries
  • Designed the compensation strategy based on local market research, including local labor laws, culture, and customs
  • Pre-departure training for the employee and family, see the example above
  • Conducted monthly (first 6 months) employee performance reviews, feedback to the employee, progress reports to the employer


Duration: 9 months

Price: $28,000