Salad Ventures Supports X-Culture

A big THANK YOU to Salad Ventures for supporting X-Culture
     Among X-Culture’s corporate partners and sponsors this year is Salad Ventures, a blockchain think-tank that focuses on the play-to-earn industry.
Salad Ventures is a very innovative, fast-growing company. In 2020 it was just an idea. In 2021, it participated in X-Culture as a start-up. In early 2022, it is one of the industry leaders with employees around the world, backed by major investors.
     As the primary business goal of Salad is to better educate a new generation of players in the Play-To-Earn blockchain gaming space, Salad’s co-founder and project lead states,
The only way to instill lasting social change is to figure out a way to better educate the next generation, and we would like to continue supporting the X-Culture initiative with this sponsorship.
— Felix Sim, Co-Founder and Project Lead, Salad Ventures
     X-Culture has the potential to change the business consulting model forever using the power of crowdsourcing of both resources and talent alike.
     X-Culture uses a crowdsourcing model to find business solutions. Problems or projects are presented by the business to the students, who will then conduct research, brainstorm, and collaborate to then present a proposed solution. This gives students an upfront seat to what it’s like to work as a part of a global team in the real world, which has become more common as the corporate work model is shifting to a Work-From-Anywhere model post-Covid-19.
     Salad Ventures is probably the most innovative and innovating company X-Culture has ever worked with – and our students learn a lot about cutting-edge industries and technologies while working on the Salad’s challenge.
     The Salad’s sponsorship provides much-needed resources for X-Culture to fulfill its mission of connecting cultures. The most recent donation from Salad will allow us to hire additional personnel to provide our students with a better learning experience.