Kind regards, Matthew, USA

Hi Professor,

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I am currently interning for VF Europe in Bornem, Belgium (loving every minute of it). It’s such a fun experience to be fully immersed in an international business environment.

In short, I wanted to thank you for a fun and intriguing spring semester. After working in Belgium for a month, I am beginning to see the strong correlation of the X-Culture project, and working internationally. I feel that your project has provided a unique framework for entering a multinational corporate environment. I am working in the logistics/distribution department tasked with lowering freight cost for VF brands located throughout Eastern Europe. Often times, when staging a report for management, data needed must be compiled from multiple departments spanning throughout different countries in Europe. Here, effective communication along with decisive action are truly the keys to success (much like our project)!

Again just wanted to give a quick “thank you” for the valuable experience and wish you the best of luck in your teaching endeavors & future