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Luis Lachos

I’ve done X-Culture twice now as well as attended 2017 Miami Symposium, after the first one I thought I was going to be ready for the next one. Nope. Each time I’ve learned something new about myself and I love it. My research skills get slightly better every time. It truly is an amazing experience,…

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Joyce Njoki Muigua

A lot of things came true for me participating in X-culture; I had never been on a plane, i had never been to the USA ever, gone to the beach in Florida, meeting and interacting with Seminole Gaming executives, Miami International Airport and Port Executive tour, interacting with other X-Culture members and our team emerging…

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Maria Liami

My name is Maria Liami and I am a Master student in the program of International Business and Management in the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands. Now that the X-Culture project is over, I would like to thank you and express to you my deep and honest appreciation for the consolidated feedback, the X-Culture…

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Jurate, Lithuania

It was really interesting to participate as a “returnee” in the X-Culture project. My team was surprised to find out that I had completed my studies [and participated in X-Culture for the second time]. I can say I have gotten better understanding of the communication among different cultures, approach to common work, and found very…

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Dominic, USA

The X-Culture project is great. I believe that it really provides us with real life difficulties that we will face upon graduating. Hopefully more classes can find a way of incorporating an international project in to there curriculum.