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Stephanie, Indonesia

It is surely a great experience for me to work with people from different countries, as I’m currently studying International Entrepreneurship course. Thank you very much for generating this collaboration project. I am sure it will be helpful to many of the students’ future.

Daniela, Romania

Indeed, it was an international experience that I did not have before, due to the fact that I worked on international level only in non-formal education. Therefore, I tried to learn as much as possible out of this and to take the task to a successful result.

Scott, USA

Great educational experience. You think you know how to work with people from other countries because there are so many of them around you here in the US – you don’t know anything until you go through X-Culture

Kind regards, Matthew, USA

Hi Professor, I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I am currently interning for VF Europe in Bornem, Belgium (loving every minute of it). It’s such a fun experience to be fully immersed in an international business environment. In short, I wanted to thank you for a fun and intriguing spring semester. After working…

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