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X-Culture runs on the enthusiasm of the members of our Team. Our power is not in sponsor or grant money, but in teamwork, collaboration and crowdsourcing.

From the very beginning, X-Culture was envisioned as an open collaboration project. It is not a commercial project, although in many respects it offers much more value to our students and corporate clients. What you pay is your time, energy and knowledge.

Financial support is always appreciated, but no money can substitute the power of the team and the wisdom of the crowd.

Our team encompasses:

  • hundreds of International Business professors who collectively manage X-Culture – and basically do all the work involved with coordinating and running the program;
  • thousands of X-Culture students and professioonal trainees who are not only the main beneficiaries of the program but also act as valuable contributors of ideas;
  • tens of thousands of X-Culture alumni – now business leaders and professionals – whose continued participation and support strengthens our team; 
  • hundreds of researchers who, for various reasons, cannot participate in X-Culture as instructors (e.g., don’t teach a suitable course), but who contribute to our project by helping us plow through our multi-level multi-source longitudinal data and creating new  evidence-based knowledge;
  • dozens of corporate partners, whose top management teams and employees provide practical experience and wisdom to complement the theoretical and evidence-based knowledge of our professors.

The complete list of X-Culture participants is here.  

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