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Expertise Areas and Types of Consulting

The X-Culture Consulting Group delivers high-quality solutions in the following areas:   International Business Strategy Cross-Cultural and Global Virtual Teams Expatriate Management Boosting Team Effectiveness Diversity Management and Compliance Continued Business Education for Employees Assessment of aptitudes and competences

About X-Culture Consulting

300+ local X-Culture Consulting Group experts in 74 countries Hire one expert, get the wisdom of the entire community Supported by tens of thousands of business students   Depending on your needs, we will assemble a team of world-class experts to deliver a top-quality solution to your problem. Even if only one of our experts…

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2020-2 Best Instructors

Best Instructor Selection Process A total of 157 instructors and co-instructors teaching at 132 universities in 102 countries whose students took part in the 2020-2 round of the X-Culture competition were considered for the Best Instructor Award. About 140 of those instructors did an absolutely outstanding job: their students came in well prepared; they provided...

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Luis Lachos

I’ve done X-Culture twice now as well as attended 2017 Miami Symposium, after the first one I thought I was going to be ready for the next one. Nope. Each time I’ve learned something new about myself and I love it. My research skills get slightly better every time. It truly is an amazing experience,…

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Joyce Njoki Muigua

A lot of things came true for me participating in X-culture; I had never been on a plane, i had never been to the USA ever, gone to the beach in Florida, meeting and interacting with Seminole Gaming executives, Miami International Airport and Port Executive tour, interacting with other X-Culture members and our team emerging…

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