Assessment of Aptitudes and Competences

The scientists on our team have developed a battery of measurement instruments to assess:

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • General Cognitive Ability
  • Teamwork Intelligence
  • Cultural Values
  • Communication Competencies
  • Leadership competencies
  • Test of Basic Knowledge of International Business


Each test has been validated in a large international sample and has been shown to predict or explain the differences in performance in the international context significantly.

Each test taker will receive a detailed personal performance review that includes:

  • Personal test results and comparison against population averages
  • A detailed interpretation of test results
  • A review of strengths and weaknesses
  • A guide for personal improvement in lacking areas


The tests can be self-administered or accompanied by a training program

See examples of published studies in leading business and management journals that relied on the data collected using these instruments.

Pricing, Single Test

  • Single user: $8
  • Group rate: $45 for every 10 people

Pricing, Complete Battery of Tests

  • Single user: $45
  • Group rate: $350 for every 10 people