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Students are very happy with the 2017-1 round of X-Culture

May 28th, 2017, by

The 2017-1 round of X-Culture is over and here are some satisfaction statistics from the almost 5,000 students who participated this time.

Overall peer evaluations averaged around 4.0=”Good”. As you see, a small percent of the students got low peer evaluations, but the vast majority (about 85%) are above “OK” and most are in the “Good” range. So despite some slackers, the vast majority of the students left their teams happy.


The picture is essentially the same with satisfaction with the team: the vast majority aver very happy with their teams.

When asked how happy the students are with their work (business reports), about 96% are “OK” or higher, about 40% are “good” or higher, and about 25%  believe their reports are “very good”

And lastly and most importantly, almost all students were happy, very happy, or extremely happy with the task they had to complete and felt the experience and the skills they learned will be useful for their future career.


So it looks like all that time investment was worthwhile.

As always, there are 3-5% who were unhappy, but over 90% chose OK, Good, or Excellent – and I am very happy about that.




By Vas Taras

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