2021 Research Xackathon


Fully Online 

Program Chair:
Dr. Justin Kraemer 
Organizing team:
Dr. Alex Assouad
Dr. Michael Raisinghani
Dr. Vas Taras

 icon-calendar  Xackathon: July 10-26, 2021


  •     X-Culture Research Xachathon (a.k.a Paper Development Marathon)
  •     X-Culture provides the data and support
  •     Researchers intensively work on developing research papers
  •     Researchers go home with a paper idea, a co-author(s), initial results, and first the first very rough paper draft.
  •     Registration cost $100 (any income above costs will be donated to X-Culture)
  •     Organized as a conference, so you can apply for funding from your university



X-Culture is collecting huge amounts of data. We are tracking over 2,500 variables: longitudinal, multi-level, multi-source, multi-method. Just about anything related to international teams and virtual collaboration – we measure it.

We have dozens of papers in development based on the data, but there are many more good publications hidden in our database.

Traditionally, the researchers have been working alone or in small co-author teams. They would collect (or buy) their own data, analyze them, and write papers. This model is very limited. A person can have only so many ideas and has only so many hours a day to write papers based on those data.

As a result, most data sets are never fully utilized. Many great discoveries remain undiscovered.

X-Culture does things differently.

We are happy to share our data with researchers interested in developing and publishing high-quality research papers based on the data.

To aid them in this effort, we are organizing our annual X-Culture Research Conference (a.k.a. Paper Development Hackathon).



  •     Help busy professors to set aside time for research
  •     Provide honest developmental feedback and suggestions to increase chances of publication
  •     Accelerate publication(s) with intensive effort
  •     Co-authors, fully acquainted professionally and personally
  •     Introduce the X-Culture data to a bigger audience
  •     Build a community of support



  • Application due June 5, 2021


Please review the list of ongoing research projects here. It will give you a good overview of what kind of work is already being done or could be done using X-Culture data.

  • Acceptance confirmed for to “Regular” or “Accelerated” Track: June 12, 2021
  • Registration by June 26, 2021
    • Registration fee: $100






  • July 10; Milestone 1: Research Team Formation
    Sharing personal research ideas
    Brainstorming to improve ideas
    Formation of (preliminary) research teams
    Community-building activity
  • July 12 to 16; Team-specific chats about data (with Justin Kraemer)
  • July 17, Milestone 2: Building a strong foundation
    Present Ideas, measures, and chosen analytical technique
    Feedback from all
  • July 18, Milestone 3: Brief check-in and work
    Discussion of big problems
    All offer solutions
  • July 21, Milestone 4: Mid-point check-in
    Present preliminary results
    What are your big challenges?
    How can we help?
    Small community-building activity
  • July 24, Milestone 5: Brief check-in and work
    What are your big challenges?
    How can we help?
  • July 25, Milestone 6: Finalization and Recognition(s)
    Final Presentations
    Final Feedback
    BIG community-building activity



  • The event is organized as an online conference, so you can apply for funding from your university
  • The application requires a submission of a short abstract of your research ideas that you would like to pursue using the X-Culture data. Even though it is only an abstract, it will be peer-reviewed and the accept/reject decisions will be made based on the peer-reviews of your submission.
  • You will continue working on the paper throughout the xackathon and will present your paper at the end of the program. This way, you will be presenting a paper at a conference and thus you can apply for funding as you would for any other conference.


 icon-question-circle QUESTIONS:

Dr. Justin Kraemer
icon-envelope-o JustinKraemer@gmail.com

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