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Member Satisfaction in Virtual Teams

Project lead: Marjaana Gunkel   We know from HR literature that satisfaction often has a positive influence on performance or effectiveness. This is, however, rarely examined in a virtual context. A possible research question could be what are the antecedents of member satisfaction and does member satisfaction mediate the relation between the antecedents and team…

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The Qualitative Research Stream

A Much Richer Picture of the GVT Dynamics: A Qualitative Multi-Study Research Stream   The Problem The field of management research is dominated by quantitative research. However, editorials and special issue invitations calling for more qualitative research have been frequent in in the recent years, including the field’s top journals such as the Academy of…

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X-Culture Vision: Industries We Could Change

COMING SOON It appears large-scale collaboration, open-source research and crowd sourcing – the principles at heart of X-Culture, have already changed a number of industries. The largest accommodation provider owns no hotels (Airbnb) The largest taxi service provider owns no cars (Uber) The largest retailers have no stores (Alibaba, Amazon) The largest video entertainment provider owns no…

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