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Betar Metering Devices

November 15th, 2017, by


Wednesday, November 15

9 am to 10 am(EST New York time zone)


  • Anna Svirina, CEO


  • Review and feedback on students’ work so far
  • Questions and Answers

Friday, August 25,

11 am to 12 noon (EST New York time zone)


  • Anna Svirina, CEO


  • Company introduction
  • Company history
  • Products
  • The X-Culture Challenge
  • Questions and Answers



Ways to watch

 icon-microphone  Presenter LinkAlways in the virtual webinar room, presenting and discussing.

 icon-question-circle  Call in to ask a question Link: If you want to ask a question or engage in a discussion with the presenters

 icon-eye  YouTube Link: Passively watch live (or the recording later)

 icon-envelope  Email your questions before or during the webinar



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  • Baraka Shaibu

    Please, I want to know if you have considered some African countries like Ghana and Nigeria. I suggested them as potential markets