X-Culture Data for Dissertation Research

A video summary of a Master’s thesis that used X-Culture data.

I am very happy that X-Culture data have now been used in half a dozen doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis research projects (6 successful defenses so far).

Two students at the Southern Denmark University, 
Valeriia Gorina and Sophie Bastholt
explored “The Impact of Cultural Diversity (CD) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) on Team Performance”.

Here is video presentation of their study.

Note 1: X-Culture has a huge database, over 2,000 variables, perfect for studying teams and cross-cultural organizational behavior in general. Let me know if you’d like to use them for your research. More: https://x-culture.org/for-researchers/data/

Note 2: The next X-Culture Research Xackathon will be hosted by the Southern Denmark University.

More: https://x-culture.org/hackathon/