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October 10th, 2017, by

Friday, October 13

10 am to 11 am (EST New York time zone)


  • Serhii Tkachenko, Strategic Partnerships Director
  • Ivan Klymenko, Integration Manager


  • UniCheck System Demo
  • Questions and Answers
  • +
  • Company introduction
  • Company history
  • Products
  • The X-Culture Challenge


Ways to watch

 icon-microphone  Presenter LinkAlways in the virtual webinar room, presenting and discussing.

 icon-question-circle  Call in to ask a question Link: If you want to ask a question or engage in a discussion with the presenters

 icon-eye  YouTube Link: Passively watch live (or the recording later)

 icon-envelope  Email your questions before or during the webinar


Previous webinars with UniCheck (formerly Unplag).

Please note, the company has changed in many ways in the past year, which is also reflected in numerous updates in the UniCheck X-Culture Challenge. Thus, the older webinars are good mainly for tracing the company’s evolution.

Category: X-Culture Webinars
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