Make a targeted donation

  • X-Culture runs on enthusiasm and hard work of the many instructors involved with the project.
  • 100 cents of every dollar you donate will be used to cover the need you choose from the list below.
  • Your support will help us continue providing value to our students.

Our needs - Can you help with any of these?

Travel stipend for students to attend the X-Culture Symposium (contact us for the names of the students on the waiting list)
Registration only: covers access to all conference events, food and refreshments during the conference, and conference materials $175
Airfare (varies depending on the origin, approximate) $1,000
Complete travel stipend $1,500
Certificate print/shipping
Print X-Culture certificates $500
Ship X-Culture certificates (shipping and handling, sent in packages to each university) $1,500
Print and ship certificates to the season's Winners (Best Teams, Best Students) $500
Develop online training modules with professional graphics and animation for X-Culture students
Cross-Cultural Communication $1,000
Virtual Collaboration $1,000
Team Leadership $1,000
Business Plan Development $1,000
Business Writing $1,000
Innovation and Creativity in Teams $1,000
Academic Writing, Citation and Referencing $1,000
Plagiarism $1,000
X-Culture website update $4,000
X-Culture research database update and management $4,000

Hire administrative help, one person per semester.

This is our biggest need.

X-Culture Sponsor Universities for 2021