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X-Culture Kids and Teens

X-Culture Kids and Teens

X-Culture is a very successful global phenomenon that has become an institution in International Business education.

Every semester, thousands of MBA and college students from hundreds of universities around the world take part in X-Culture. As of 2017, over 40,000 students have participated in X-Culture, and about 5,000 more are added every semester.

Following the popularity of the project with universities, we have been receiving requests to create a “kids” version of X-Culture.
Younger children are fully capable and could greatly benefit from interacting with their peers around the world.

As a beta-test, we are launching a “Kids” track (ages 8-12) and a “Teens” track (ages 13-17).

It will be exactly the same program as the university students take part in, just with a set of challenges simplified to be age appropriate for younger participants. The kids/teens will also receive some additional pre-project training to ensure they are fully prepared for the experience.

The kids and teens will also work in global virtual teams with their peers, develop their solutions to real-life problems presented by real companies, meet the company CEOs in live webinars, write and present their reports, and receive X-Culture Global Business Collaboration Certificates.

For the 2018-1 round, our clients are companies like Innospark (educational toys) and Me Late Chocolate (chocolate) to make sure the products are familiar and interesting for the younger X-Culture participants.

Benefits for Trainees

  1. International experience
    Complete a project in a team where each team member is from a different country.
  2. Business experience
    Solve a real business challenge for a real client company.
  3. New knowledge and skills
    Training in cross-cultural communication, online collaboration tools, international business, business writing and presentation, and more.
  4. Personal and professional network
    Friends around the world, contacts at many universities and several companies.
  5. Cultural intelligence
    A documented significant improvement in cultural intelligence from before to after the project.
  6. X-Culture Certificate and Recommendation Letter
    You learn and grow. We provide a documented proof.
  7. Stronger resume and improved chances of a new start
    X-Culture experience makes you a much stronger applicant for a stipend or job. 

Benefits for Teachers

  1. Enhanced student learning
    Compared to control groups (no X-Culture), students in courses with X-Culture do better on exams.
  2. Improved teaching evaluations
    Compared to control groups, students who have X-Culture give their teachers higher evaluations.
  3. Research and publications
    X-Culture is a great research platform that provides high-quality multi-source multi-level longitudinal data. If you are interested in scholarly work, X-Culture will provide you the necessary data.
  4. Professional network
    Meet the hundreds of educators and business professionals on the X-Culture team.
  5. Documented proof of your achievement:
    X-Culture Global Educator Certificate and support letters sent to your principal or department head. You do a great job; we make sure the world knows about it.
  6. X-Culture certificates for your students
    Students get X-Culture International Business certificates, which help with college and job applications.
  7. Help us make education more interactive and experiential
    The workplace is becoming global. Learning how to work across cultures in a classroom is like learning to swim on a football field. X-Culture is developing new teaching methods for the new today – and you can be part of our team.

How It Works

Main idea

  • The students work in international teams with peers from around the world.
  • They solve real-life problems presented by real-life companies.
  • In the process, they learn about other countries and cultures, learn how to collaborate online and work as a team.



  1. Students are enrolled by their teachers (entire class) or parents (one child).
  2. We provide them with age-appropriate training on online collaboration tools, teamwork, problem solving, and report writing.
  3. We put them on global virtual teams.
  4. Real businesses submit real business challenges and the students try to solve them.
  5. We monitor student performance and send you weekly performance review on each of your students.
  6. The international teams prepare their reports and present them to our partner companies.
  7. The students receive X-Culture Global Collaboration Certificates.
  8. The teachers receive X-Culture Global Educator Certificates.
  9. The best students are invited to the X-Culture Symposium.
  10. The data are used for research and publishing – and you are welcome to join as a co-author.

Program Design

Pre-Project Training (4 weeks)

A series of training modules, such as:

  • The X-Culture Project: Purpose, History, Method, Vision
  • Online Collaboration Tools (Skype, Doodle, Dropbox, Google Docs, WhatsApp, Slack, Trello, BaseCamp, etc.)
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • How to be an effective global virtual team
  • Effective presentation: The art of writing business proposals
  • Plagiarism and academic referencing
  • The basics of International Business


Practical Training (8 weeks)

The students work in global virtual teams:

  • As the students are completing the project, they experience the challenges and learn best practices of working in teams, communicating online, dealing with time-zones, cultural differences, and more
  • Students have live webinars with the CEOs of their client organizations, submit weekly deliverables, receive feedback, and make friends
  • The teams submit their final business proposals


Post-Project Reflections (4 weeks)

After the reports are submitted:

  • Students present their work in-class and/or in a live online teleconference
  • Students write reflection papers where they reflect on their experiences


Post-Project Awards and Documentation

After the project is over, the students and instructors receive:

  • X-Culture International Business Certificates (students)
  • X-Culture Global Educator Certificates (teachers)
  • Best Team awards
  • Best Teacher awards
  • The best students and instructors are invited to the X-Culture Symposium

Dates for the 2018-1 Round

January 29-May 28
  • Pre-Project Training: January 29-March 4
  • Practical Training (8 weeks): March 5-April 29
  • Post-Project Reflections (4 weeks): April 30-May 28

Certificates and Recommendation Letters

Contingent upon a successful completion of the project, all X-Culture participants will receive the following certification and supporting materials:


1. X-Culture International Business Certificate.
2. Recommendation letter describing the project, experiences and skills acquired by the students and the recommendation of the students for future projects or jobs that require teamwork, international collaboration, analytics, decision making, and leadership competencies.


1. X-Culture Global Business Educator Certificate.
2. Recommendation letter describing the project, experiences and skills displayed by the teacher, and a recommendation of the teacher for other projects that require leadership and competencies to manage team-based international educational projects.
3. Appreciation letter sent to the school principal or dean commenting on the effects on the student learning, personal and professional growth, and the teacher’s contribution to the success of the project.
Additionally, Best Students and Best Teachers will we rewarded with an invitation to the X-Culture Global Symposium (upcoming: Bogota, Colombia July 2018, Nashville, USA November 2018, Stuttgart, Germany, July 2019).

Cultural Intelligence Test

All students will be given a Cultural Intelligence test before the project start and after the project is completed.

Each student will receive a detailed personal Cultural Intelligence report, that includes personal results, debriefing, and personalized recommendations for further improvement of cultural intelligence.
The $45 test fee will be waived for the X-Culture participants.


  • One child/teen: $195
  • One class of 10 or more supervised by a teacher where X-Culture is part of the course: $275.

X-Culture Stipends are available for students from “developing” countries (GPD/capital less than $15,00) and low-income families.
The stipends are competitive and are contingent upon the student’s ability to score in top 25% on the X-Culture Selection Test.

The application for the X-Culture Stipend is included in the general application.

  • Participation stipend for a qualifying child: $150 (participation fee $45)
  • Participation grant for a class of 10 or more: $150 (participation fee $125)

A full training fee waiver may be offered in exceptional circumstances to teachers who are willing to contribute up to 5 hours per week during an 8-week period to help with project administration.


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