You can’t learn international business from textbooks.

You have to experience it.


icon-angle-right Every semester, we connect about 2,500 students from 80 universities in 40 countries.

icon-angle-right We put them in global virtual teams (5-8 students, each from a different country).

icon-angle-right For several months, they work together on business projects presented by our corporate partners.

icon-angle-right Students learn the challenges and best practices of cross-cultural virtual collaboration.

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Business Solutions

Harness the power of hundreds of bright minds from around the world.


icon-angle-right Our corporate partners present their business challenges.

icon-angle-right Working in global virtual teams, our students develop solutions.

icon-angle-right Thousands of bright young minds working together are bound to produce some great ideas.

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Unique data +

Leading Researchers =

Great discoveries


icon-angle-right Observing thousands of people in hundreds of global virtual teams every semester presents a unique research platform.

icon-angle-right Longitudinal, multi-source, multi-level data.

icon-angle-right We will consider collecting new data or incorporating new experimental conditions for most interesting research proposals.


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