Social Network Analysis: Mining the X-Culture Data from a Social Networks Analysis Perspective

Social Network Analysis: Mining the X-Culture Data from a Social Networks Analysis Perspective

This study is an exploratory effort to discover networks, connections, and connection asymmetries in the X-Culture data.

Several papers are expected to be developed based on this exploration, but for now the research team is working on studying the data and discovering patterns and connections.

Specifically, our research interest is to mine the X-Culture data from a social networks perspective.

The plan is to first look at intra-team network data for weighed and directed ties among team members:

  • patterns of communications between team members;
  • peer evaluations ;
  • exclusion votes.

Beyond this network data, student data, team data, company data, and university data will also be exploited for contextual information, such as homophily of team members, cultural distance to company served, team performance.

Subsequently, we will explore 2-mode networks at various levels of analysis (including hybrid dyads involving team member, knowledge, company, report chapter, country of origin, of residence, of study.

At this stage, we have no interest in conducting teacher-related SNA, though this might bring insight into teacher performance (for instance). That said, if s.o. is interested in this or another SNA approach, we may offer to assist if solicited.


The project is now structured in 6 parallel streams : The project is now structured in 6 parallel streams :

  • Signed and weighted ties: structural analysis reflection aiming to
    design and develop meaningful network metrics for signed and weighed
    ties where network metrics designed for positive ties lose worth ;
  • SNA mining: structural consequences and antecedents of GVT individual
    member and team indicators, as well as mediating and moderating
    effects ;
  • Shared leadership: social network analysis of shared leadership
    dynamics and peer-expressed and peer-perceived gratitude within GVTs ;
  • Broker behaviour: antecedents and consequences of knowledge exchange,
    cultural, and temporal structural holes onto leadership and
    followership role emergence within GVTs ;
  • Gender studies: structural antecedents and consequences of gender
    within GVTs (dynamic peer-to-peer and self perceptions of cognition,
    competencies and emotions);
  • Relational energy: dynamic, structural analysis energy stock and flows
    within and between GVT members .

X-Culture SNA primer


  • Dr. Reccia N. Charles, Associate Professor (St George’s University) [SNA mining]
  • Dr. Longzhu Dong, Assistant Professor (University of Wisconsin Eau
    Claire) [Relational Energy]
  • Ms. Hafsa El Kamous, Predoctoral Fellow (Université Mohammed VI
    Polytechnique) [all streams]
  • Dr. Wendy Farrell, Senior Lecturer (Management Center Innsbruck)
    [Gender Studies – lead]
  • Dr. Lucia Farriss, Assistant Professor of Economics, Saint Leo
    University [Gender Studies]
  • Dr. Marc Idelson, Research Associate (HEC Paris) & Associate Professor
    of Management (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique) [all streams,
    most streams lead/co-lead]
  • Lydia Karnadi, Lecturer (Indonesian International Institute for Life
    Sciences) [Gender Studies, Relational Energy co-lead]
  • Dr Mahesh (Michael) S. Raisinghani, Professor of Management
    Information Systems (TWU college of Business) [Relational Energy
  • Dr Malika Richards, Professor (The Pennsylvania State University, Penn
    State Berks)  [Gender Studies]
  • Mr. Drhuv Pratav Singh, Research Assistant (X-Culture) [Gender
    Studies, Relational Energy]
  • Dr. Lynda Jiwen Song, Associate Professor (Leeds University) [Shared leadership]
  • Dr. Ana Maria dos Santos Costa Soares, Assistant Professor (University
    of Minho) [SNA mining]
  • Dr. Anna Andreevna Svirina, Associate Professor (Kazan National
    Research Technical University) [SNA mining]
  • Dr. Vasyl Taras, Associate Professor (University of North Carolina at
    Greensboro) [all streams]
  • Yue Wang, PhD Student (Renmin University of China) [Shared leadership]
  • Dr. Yuki Yasuda, Professor (Kansai University) [Broker Behaviour,
    Signed and weighted ties, SNA mining]
  • Dr. Jinlong Zhu, Associate Professor (Renmin University of China)
    [Shared leadership – lead]
  • Dr. Li Zhu, Assistant Researcher (Peking University) [SNA mining]

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