Effects of Bi-Culturalism in Global Virtual Teams

Research question: Do bicultural / multicultural team members influence team outcomes?

Independent variable:

The number of multicultural team members on a team (for a team-level effect),

bicultural / monocultural (individual-level). ”


Outcome variable(s):

Performance could be measured as report quality (final grade),

the degree to which the report flows, indicating that someone has tied together all the disparate parts (I think that’s one of the rubric items),

team-level peer evaluations,

perhaps individual-level peer evaluation of bicultural team members.

I’d be especially interested to see if we could find a multi-level effect, where the number of biculturals on a team has an impact on some sort of team-level outcome. ”



Stacey Fitzsimmons, Dan Caprar, Vas Taras
Status: data collected, initial version of the study presented at a conference.