Faultlines and the change in within-team social networks over time




Theory suggests that faultlines create the potential to fracture a group into sub-groups. However, at what rate will individual team members be “connected” to their respective sub-group? Further, what team and individual differences might:

Lead to greater initial subdivision in subgroup membership?

Facilitate or inhibit the central position of an individual within his/her subgroup?

Herein, I explore these questions and more…!


To limit the scope of the project, I will focus on data from 2019-2-B. I will examine the Social Network measures of Advice, Avoid, Conflict, Help, Relationship and “DISCUSSEVALUATE” in the peer evaluation entity.


Though I will begin to explore faultlines using demographics (e.g. age, gender, nationality, level and “grade_pct”), perhaps other variables from the individual entity will be considered in due course.


At this time, I anticipate the IV to be faultline subgroup membership and the DV to be an individual SN measure of some type over subsequent weeks of measurement.


I have not yet identified specific moderators for any cross-level (over

time) interaction.


Since I will have processed the data already, I invite you to contact me for collaborations regarding related research interest. For example, I see great potential for complementary team-level phenomena, a focus outside my scope at this time. I would be happy to work with you!


If you have any questions or you would like to chat about related matters, please contact me: justinkraemer@hotmail.com


Justin Kraemer