Does national culture influence peer evaluations?

This study examines is an exploratory analysis of the influence of national culture on student performance on global virtual teams (GVT). The sample for this research includes over seven thousand students who participated in X-Culture, which is an eight-week project generally associated with an undergraduate or graduate course. It utilizes the Hofstede cultural dimensions to examine the influence of culture and peer evaluations of performance. This article is particularly timely due to the increased use of GVTs in the business world which has led to calls for more use of virtual teams to be incorporated into course work. Furthermore, the use of GVT is beneficial for students because it helps them develop global competencies without having to complete a study abroad. Findings indicate that some dimensions of culture influence performance on GVT; however, all the posited relationships were not as predicted.  Research implications, practical implications, limitations, and future research are also discussed.


Status: Paper draft finished, final stages of development.

Lead Author: Kerri A Brannen,