X-Culture Competition

So you think you can be a business consultant? 

Give it a try. You may be smarter than you think. Take a look at this year’s business challenges and see if you can solve any of them.
It’s your chance to strengthen your resume, meet new people, and possibly make money and start a new career.


Every year, we select and crowd-source a dozen real-life business challenges presented by our corporate partners. Thousands of people from around the world take part in the competition and try to develop solutions for these challenges. The best solutions often come from where they are expected least. Many people discover their passion for solving business problems and make it their career.


Here is what you get:

  1. Experience: Consulting experience, teamwork experience, international collaboration experience, crowd-based problem solving experience – very good for your resume.
  2. Network: Work and collaborate with people from around the world, meet other professionals and business owners – very good for your future career.
  3. Rewards: up to $2,000 cash prize for the winner of the competition; plus additional cash prizes from most clients; plus post-market commission for solutions that result in contracts, typically 15% of the contract value; plus prospects of a permanent contract or employment with the client organization.


Here is how it works:

  • Timing:
    • 2017-1a: Approximate dates: January 20 – March 15, 2017
      Application deadline: January 10f, 2017
    • 2017-1b: Approximate dates: March 1 – April 25, 2017
      Application deadline: February 20, 2017
    • 2017-2a:  Approximate dates: August 20 – October 15, 2017
      Application deadline: August 10, 2017
    • 2017-2b: Approximate dates: October 1 – November 25, 2017
      Application deadline: September 20, 2017


  • Take a look at the summaries of business challenges presented by our corporate partners for the last round of competition.
  • If you think you can provide a good solution to a similar one apply here  icon-external-link .  This round’s challenges will be revealed a few weeks before the project start.
    • You can join individually, with your own team, or you can choose to be placed on an international team with other professionals.
    • If you participate individually or with your own team, if you complete the project you will receive an X-Culture Consulting certificate. If you choose to be placed on an international team, you will also receive a X-Culture training and Global Collaboration certificate.
  • Each competition participant will be required to submit a short weekly progress report. You will receive intermediate feedback on your work and tips for further improving your work.
  • There will be several live webinars with your client company, so you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback on your ideas, or request additional information if necessary.
  • Each report will be evaluated by a panel of experts and the client organization.
  • After the competition is over, you will receive your X-Culture certificate – and possibly the cash prize.

Ready to put your business skills and creativity to a test? Apply here   .