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The X-Culture Certified Global Virtual Team Coach Program


After a series of successful tests over the past few semesters, we’re officially launching the X-Culture Certified Global Virtual Team Coach program.

The program offers an opportunity for the people who successfully completed X-Culture in the past to:

  • receive further training as a global virtual team coach;
  • gain new knowledge about international business and consulting;
  • gain practical experience in team coaching and leadership;
  • practice and improve your communication, performance appraisal, feedback giving, and conflict facilitation skills;
  • greatly strengthen your resume and receive an X-Culture Global Virtual Team certificate and recommendation letter.

The program includes:

Phase 1: Theoretical Training (2 weeks)

  • Module 1. The X-Culture Project Logistics
  • Module 2. The Coaching Program
  • Module 3. Known GVT Problems and Best Practices
  • Module 4. Online Collaboration Tools
  • Module 5. Managing GVTs
  • Module 6. Free-Riding in GVTs
  • Module 7. Academic Referencing Styles
  • Module 8. Plagiarism
  • Module 9. Team Counseling
  • Module 10. Managing Conflict in Project Teams
  • Module 11. The Art of Effective Feedback
  • Module 12: The Basics of International Business

A theoretical exam will conclude Phase 1. Applicants who successfully pass the exam will be allowed to advance to Phase 2. Further theoretical training will continue supplementing practical training.

Phase 2: Practical Training (14 weeks)

  • Coaching several global virtual teams participating in the X-Culture competition
  • Providing feedback on the weekly deliverables submitted by the current X-Culture teams
  • Participating in weekly experience-exchange online conferences with other Coaching Program trainees
  • (Optional) Presenting in webinars on various topics that are of interest to the X-Culture participants.

After Phase 2 is concluded, the Coaching Program trainees will be asked to write a reflection report that summarizes their experiences, things they’ve learned, and advice they would give to international team members, managers, and coaches on how to improve the effectiveness of global virtual teams. The authors of the most insightful reflection papers will be offered an opportunity and the necessary support of our experienced professors to further develop it into a research paper to be presented at a scholarly conference or a practical guide to be presented to practitioners.

After a successful completion of the Theoretical and Practical parts of the training, the graduates of the Training Program will receive the official X-Culture Certified Global Virtual Team Coach certificates and recommendation letters.


Only people who have successfully participated in the X-Culture competition before (completed the project as a member of an international team, submitted full-length report, received peer-evaluations and report evaluations of no less than 3.0/5.0) are allowed to apply to the Coaching Program.

Only people who successfully complete Phase 1 (pass the theoretical exam) are allowed to advance to Phase 2.

Estimated Time Requirements:

Phase 1: Theory

Review training materials: approximately 1 hour per training module

Take theoretical exam: approximately 1 hour

Phase 1 total: Approximately 20-25 hours

Phase 2: Practice

Addressing team questions, concerns, providing help: approximately 2-3 hours per week over the 8-week training period

Reviewing weekly deliverables submitted by the X-Culture teams and providing feedback and suggestions: approximately 2 hours per week over the 8-week training period.

Writing the final Reflection report: 2-4 hours

Phase 2 total: Approximately 4-5 hours per week, or about 60 hours total over the period of 14 weeks

Training Fee

In the 2017-1 round (February-May 2017) the Coaching Program remains in the Beta version (testing). Therefore, it will be offered at a discounted rate.

However, during the beta-testing period, the program will be kept very small and highly selective, so an apology in advance: many strong applicants will not be able to participate quite yet.

Standard fee: $450

The fee is reduced to $100 for:

  • Citizens and permanent residents of countries with GPD/capital less $15,000 as per the World Bank 2015 statistics (must be both a citizen of a country and reside in a country that meets this criterion, although the two could be different).
  • Applicants whose peer evaluations in X-Culture were 4.8 or higher.
  • Applicants who were members of the winning teams.
There will be also three competitive Administrative Assistantships. The fee will be fully waived for these three trainees ($0 paid) in exchange for 5 additional hours of work per week of administrative help to the X-Culture project during the 14 weeks of the Practical phase of the Coaching Program.

Certification and Recommendation Letters

All trainees who successfully complete the program will receive the X-Culture Certified GVT Coach certificates for free. However, our standard shipping and handling cost will need to be paid to order a framed hard copy.



If you meet the eligibility criteria and you are able to invest the necessary time, APPLY HERE  icon-arrow-circle-right .

Application deadline for 2017-1: January 25, 2017