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Finnish Schools International

October 3rd, 2017, by


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

9 a to 10 am (EST New York time zone)


  • Alejtin Berisha


  • Company introduction
  • Company history
  • Products
  • The X-Culture Challenge
  • Questions and Answers


Ways to watch and participate:

 icon-microphone  Presenter/Call-in LinkAlways in the virtual webinar room, presenting, asking questions, discussing.

 icon-question-circle  Call in to ask a question Link: If you want to ask a question or engage in a discussion with the presenters

 icon-eye  YouTube Link: Passively watch live (or the recording later)

 icon-envelope  Email your questions before or during the webinar


Category: X-Culture Webinars
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  • Moshabab Alqahtani

    It’s amazing actually to do that in Finland, but my question now is why they didn’t open like that school in Saudi Arabia? I agree with you when you said they are Lucrative that was in Qatar and United Arab Emirates, but not in Saudi Arabia. I would like in the future when I get children to study in school like this in my country, I hoop that becoming real in the future.
    Thank you

  • Regina

    Do you offer opportunity for under privileged children the opportunity to attend if their parents cant afford the fees? do you offer scholarship options to grow interest for students to want to attend/volunteer their time for this educational program. I love your approach and growing the minds of children!