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Home Certificate and Recommendation Letter Order Form

Certificate and Recommendation Letter Order Form

Certificate and Recommendation Letter Order Form

Students and instructors who successfully complete the X-Culture project receive X-Culture Global Collaboration certificates. High-resolution ready-to-print Electronic copies will be emailed directly to each student and instructor for free.
Hard copy certificates can be ordered for a fee that covers the preparation, design, print, packaging, and mailing of the certificates.

Certificate Samples

Electronic, emailed as a high-resolution, ready-to print

In a folder

In a frame



  • X-Culture Recommendation Letter

Sample Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter contains a description of the project, comments on your personal and your team’s performance and experience, and provides a recommendation commensurable with the level of your performance.


It takes between 10 and 90 minutes per certificate/reference letter to buy the needed supplies and frames, prepare, print, and package the certificate/reference letter, verify mailing addresses, prepare mailing labels, and mail the documents.

On top of that, the postage can run between $5 and $50, depending on the number of certificates in the package, destination, and framing options (frame adds a lot weight).

Therefore, everybody will receive free electronic print-ready certificates and reference letters. However, there is a fee for ordering hard-copy professionally printed certificates and reference letters:

Package Orders

Includes professionally printed student certificates + Instructor certificate(s) + Instructor Appreciation Letter for the Dean/Department Chair included in the shipping package in a separate envelope

Unframed, regardless of the class size $100
Certificates in folders, regardless of the class size $250
Certificates in wall/table frames, per 1 student, 10 minimum $25

Individual Orders

Unframed certificate $30
Certificate in a folder $35
Certificate in a wall/table frame $45
Recommendation letter / Support letter $40