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X-Culture Teens

X-Culture Teens

X-Culture is a very successful global phenomenon that has become an institution in International Business education.  Every semester, thousands of MBA and college students from hundreds of universities around the world take part in X-Culture.

Following the popularity of the project with universities, we have been receiving requests to create a “kids” version of X-Culture. Younger children are fully capable and could greatly benefit from interacting with their peers around the world.

As a beta-test, we are launching a “teen” track of X-Culture this year, designed for youths ages 13-17.

Tentative dates:

  • 2017-1: September 4 – October 9, 2017
    Application deadline: August 15
  • 2017-2: November 6 – December 11, 2017
    Application deadline: October 15

The X-Culture Teens track will be virtually identical to our college track. The younger project participants will be placed on international teams and will work on the same business challenges presented by our corporate partners.

The only difference is that the Teen track will be shorter: only about one month instead of the usual two. Also, the business challenges will be somewhat simplified to make them more suitable for the younger, less prepared participants.


7 Good Reasons to Join X-Culture Teens:

  1. Enhance student learning
    Our research shows X-Culture improves cultural intelligence, international and virtual collaboration competencies, problem solving skills, and interest in cross-cultural interactions. Younger children can also greatly benefit from this opportunity.
  2. Improve your teaching evaluations
    Students recognize the value of X-Culture. We see a significant improvement in teaching evaluations on every dimension in treatment (X-Culture) vs. control (no X-Culture) condition.
  3. Research and publish
    X-Culture is a great research platform that provides high-quality multi-source multi-level longitudinal data. If you are interested in scholarly work, X-Culture will provide you the necessary data.
  4. Expand your professional network
    Meet the hundreds of established and rising-star educators and business professionals on the X-Culture team.
  5. Documented proof of your achievement
    Teachers whose students successfully complete the project receive X-Culture Global Educator certificates and support letters sent to the Principals /Department Heads (if requested). You do a great job; we make sure the world knows about it.
  6. X-Culture certificates for your students
    Students who successfully complete the project receive a Global Collaboration certificate, which tends to help when applying for a job or promotion!
  7. Change the face of education, make it more interactive and experiential
    The workplace is becoming global. Learning how to work across cultures in classroom is like learning to swim on a football field. The X-Culture team is developing new teaching methods for the new today. New global collaboration and education tools are introduced every day and we are putting them to a good use in the classroom and workplace.

How It Works

Main idea

  • Your students work in international teams with students from around the world.
  • They solve real-life problems presented by real-life companies.
  • In the process, they learn about other countries and cultures, learn how to collaborate online and work as a team.



  • You send us the names of your students.
  • We put them on global virtual teams.
  • Real businesses submit real business challenges and the students try to solve them.
  • We monitor student performance and send you weekly performance review on each of your students.
  • The international teams prepare their reports and present them to our partner companies.
  • The students receive X-Culture Global Collaboration Certificates.
  • The teachers receive X-Culture Global Educator Certificates.
  • The best students are invited to the X-Culture Symposium.
  • The data are used for research and publishing – and you are welcome to join as a co-author.

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